Indirect Offset Management Plan12/11/20202.2 MB
Pollution Incident Response Management25/08/20204.6 MB
Biodiversity Management Plan 29/01/20204.9 MB
Water Management Plan 29/01/20205.7 MB
Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plan05/09/20195.7 MB
Biodiversity Offset Management Plan05/09/20196.2 MB
Blast Management Plan 05/09/20197.6 MB
Air Quality Management and Monitoring Plan21/08/20193.7 MB
Environmental Management Strategy13/08/20193.8 MB
Noise Monitoring Program 13/08/20191.8 MB
Blast Management Strategy - Chain of Ponds Inn 19/10/20181.3 MB
Blast Management Strategy - Newdell Zone Substation19/10/20180.9 MB