​Development Consent

Approval Expiration
DA-305-11-01 (Modification 7) 31 Dec 2028
EPBC Approval 2013/6908 31 Dec 2044

​Environment Protection Licence

LicenceScheduled Activities
EPL 2094Coal Works, Mining for Coal

​Mining Leases

LeaseLease Holder Expiration
ML 1313 Liddell Tenements Pty Ltd 13 October 2023 
ML1597Liddell Tenements Pty Ltd5 November 2028
Cumnock Sublease ML 1552Liddell Tenements Pty Ltd10 March 2025
CCL 708Liddell Tenements Pty Ltd30 December 2023

​Mining Operations Plan

Name Commencement Date  Expiration
​Liddell Coal Operations Mining Operations Plan 2017 – 2020 ​1 December 2017 1 December 2020​
Mining Operations Plan Addendum​ ​24 October 2018 1 December 2020​

​Surface Water Licences

Licence NumberLocality UseAnnual Allocation
WAL18320Bowmans CreekIrrigation50
WAL18304Bowmans CreekIrrigation32
WAL18318Bowmans CreekIrrigation55
WAL18306Bayswater CreekIndustrial10
WAL7815Hunter River via Macquarie GenerationIndustrial20
20SL04283Swamp CreekMonitoringN/A

​Groundwater Licences

Licence NumberLocality UseAnnual Allocation
20BL168066Haz 6MonitoringN/A
20BL1680628 South 3 & 4Industrial6000
20BL168061Durham 2 & 4Industrial (2 bores)1000
20BL168060Haz 1/2Industrial (2 bores)5500
20BL168053ALV1, ALV2, ALV3, ALV4, ALV8MonitoringN/A
WAL18302Bowmans Creek AlluvialIrrigationN/A
20BL172293M49Dewatering2500 combined with 20BL1772293)
20BL168209Mt Owen 1Stock, domestic, farming and monitoring purposes2500 (combined with 20BL172293)
20BL169544Mt Owen 2Dewatering2500
20BL172588Middle Liddell Dewatering6000

​Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permits

LicenceSiteSalvage DateExpiration
#2348 (dated 7 August 2007)Chain of Ponds Site Area (LID 28,29,30,31,32)21,22,23 November 20063 October 2016

S87 #2883

S90 #2896

Bayswater CreekMarch/April 2008

18 February 2010

18 March 2020

#C0000623DA 305-11-01 - Modification 5 January/February 20153 December 2024

Radiation Density Gauges

Radiation Management Licence Licence Type Expiry Date
#5061082 Sell, possess, store or give away regulated material (including radiation apparatus, radioactive substances or items containing radioactive substances) for one year 12 September 2016