​Liddell Colliery is committed to maintaining responsible environmental management practices that meet or exceed industry best practice. Environmental management is an integral part of every stage of the mining process to ensure that environmental impacts are minimised.

Liddell Coal has a comprehensive Environmental Management System (EMS) in place. The EMS provides a framework for dealing with environmental management issues at the mine in a systematic way. The EMS covers the design, development, production, maintenance and rehabilitation of the operation and its infrastructure. The EMS is structured to ensure that the company adopts a continuous improvement approach to environmental issues at the site and wherever practical and economic, implement best practice environmental management. The EMS also ensures that all activities at the operation are controlled, such that the company either prevents or minimises any environmental impacts associated with the operation.

Liddell Coal is required to comply with a diversity of legislation and the requirements of different government departments. The EMS ensures that the operation has systems in place to comply with these requirements.

Within the framework of the EMS are comprehensive standards, procedures and objectives and targets, which help the operation maintain and continually improve environmental performance. Routine inspections and regular environmental audits are undertaken to assess performance against objectives and targets and identify opportunities for improvement.