​Liddell Coal aims to minimise the impacts on flora and fauna habitats that could result from mining and associated activities within land owned by and managed by Liddell. This includes the prevention and management of impacts as well as monitoring to provide early identification of an impact which will trigger the need to implement mitigation measures.

More specifically the objectives of the Flora and Fauna Management at Liddell Coal are:

  • Undertake strategic vegetation management;
  • Conduct protocols for vegetation clearance;
  • Reconstruct native bushland and create post mining fauna habitat; and
  • Actively manage retained vegetation communities and fauna habitats.

Liddell Coal undertakes annual flora and fauna surveys to monitor the distribution and abundance of native flora and fauna over the life of the coal mine and monitors changes in flora and fauna populations which may result from the operation of the mine.

Liddell Coal has also installed and maintains nest boxes to enhance or replace the habitat of threatened species.

Flora & Fauna Monitoring Reports

To view Flora & Fauna Monitoring Reports, click on the link below.