​Liddell currently owns or manages approximately 3,000 hectares of land. Non-mining areas are currently used for either grazing or nature conservation.

A comprehensive Land Management Plan is in place, which applies to landholdings within Liddell's control. The overall objectives of the Plan are to:

  • describe the land use context of the area;
  • manage pastures and remnant vegetation;
  • minimise the removal of vegetation;
  • prevent and rehabilitate land degradation;
  • control vermin and noxious weeds;
  • maintain the quality of natural resources of land managed by Liddell Coal generally in accordance with the recommendations of the draft Hunter Catchment Blueprint (HCMT 2002); and
  • establish land management practices that are consistent with the principles of sustainable land use.

The objectives for land management at Liddell Colliery are based on sound land management principles, such as erosion prevention, pasture and grazing management, salinity control, noxious weed and feral animal control. Natural regeneration is promoted where practical to enhance biodiversity and landscape amenity.

Liddell Coal has in place Bushfire Management Plan which details fire regimes, the maintenance of fire breaks, fuel reduction, maintenance of access in the event of fire and the provision of fire fighting equipment.